About Us

Sudacas brings the traditions, values, & culture of South America to the rest of the world in the shape of beautifully designed furniture and objects.

—Our Values—


We live stream the creation of each object for you because we believe how things are made is important.


We only produce what is ordered. We respect nature’s resources and believe they should not be wasted.


We honor the value of our products by keeping them at a fair, steady price. Our bespoke items are handcrafted, use quality materials, and are beautiful both in design and function.





“SUDACAS and Argentinean Designer Alejandro Sticotti want to make bookshelves and coatracks inexpensively—and for people to watch his team do it."


“Product transparency has always been a major concern for consumers, from the food they eat to furnishings. SUDACAS has taken this desire to heart.”

"Every product has a story and slickly edited video now. Live video could be an innovation that builds true trust from customers."


Want to learn more about us?
Send us an email to pr@sudacas.com

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