Will the furniture revolution be livestreamed?

 "SUDACAS and Argentinean Designer Alejandro Sticotti want to make bookshelves and coatracks inexpensively—and for people to watch his team do it"

"Product transparency has always been a major concern for consumers looking to make more sustainable decisions when it comes to every aspect of their life from the food they eat to the furnishings that enter their home. SUDACAS.com has taken this desire to heart"


SUDACAS.com brings the traditions and core values of South America to the rest of the world in the shape of beautiful design furniture and objects.

We believe that the value of things is in their history, in the memory of the objects. The value of things is born in the art of creation. Therefore we need to make the audience witness the process of creation. By live streaming and showcasing the workshop and studio in which things are being made, we make the audience witness the creative process.  The audience can become a part of the history of the object; therefore we give a unique experience. We open the”behind the scene” to the true story. Radical process transparency on how the things you purchase are being made, where, and by whom. An untouched, real time, real life, story.


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